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Goosoniqueworx SeventHeaven High Gain Distortion (part 2)

Demo from Effects Bay


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Goosoniqueworx SeventHeaven High Gain Distortion (part 1)

Demo on Effects Bay


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Malekko Vibrato

hi guys,

just a heads up.

This are all new. I’m now the dealer for these products and brands.

I’ve got some Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kits coming in soon. Stock is limited. PM me if you are interested.

and also Malekko’s latest mini series pedals… i’ve got a small quantity of the following coming in

Malekko Vibrato USD140

Malekko Chorus USD140

Malekko Phase USD120

the chicklet and ekko616 are out of stock. will let you guys know when they are coming in.

here are some malekko pedals with the lava kit.

email gsoniqueworx [at] gmail [dot] com for enquiries

Goosoniqueworx supports Project:AK-47

Met Marcus Young of Project:AK47 about a month ago, some meet up with no intentions of any sort. but after that meeting, I felt that we can be involved. Marcus is someone who’s directly involved in the frontline work to eliminate child soldiers and slavery all over the world.

We are working on donating some Seventheavens as a form of donation to Project AK:47. Details are being worked out now. Sounds like it’s going to be simple, we might auction the pedals, you buy it, Project AK-47 gets the full sum…

we are also waiting for the flyers to come in where we will include in our products whereby you (our customers) will have a chance to make a donation thru that.

so stay tuned and join the cause



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Seventheaven Demo by DONG

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Bobby DeVito demo GOOSONIQUE Seventh Heaven Distortion pedal

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wonder by Hallow 061209

Seventheaven creator Goose and his band Hallow. Featuring Joseph Cinco (Marchtwelve) on bass with the seventheaven as well.