The seventheaven high gain distortion pedal.
Jfet’s cascaded for that tube amp high gain.
Dual channels
True bypass with (Inline Boost)
9vdc – 18vdc external regulated

Armed with a dual channel high gain offering,
the goosoniqueworx seventheaven pushes the
limits of a transistor based distortion engines
to a new level rarely attempted in the guitar
effects gear industry.

With an original concept and approach to high
gain distortion, the seventheaven delivers a wide
range of gain structure from mild overdrive to
high gain distortion that is usually found in
high gain amps.

Dual Channels

Seventheaven comes with dual channels toggle switchable gain
channels where the Green channel is more of a low gain offering
primarily but gets into heavy distortion with the boost engaged.
The Red channel starts of distorted and gives much head room
and variety in tweaking the saturation. Both channels cleans up
with a rolling off guitar volume knob.

The EQ onboard, Bass, Mid and Treble all responds sensitively and
gets very versatile for the player to archive different amp tone.
They mimic high gain amp tone controls which are place after the
gain stages thus giving a post dirt tone stack. Very interactive!

Together with a presence and feedback switch, allows the
user to tweak make some final adjustments in different amp
situations to get a more darker tone with added bass, or to
brighten his tone up.


It also features an In-line boost which is not a gain halve switch,
but works in boosting your settings to archive a notch up on your
overall setting. it’s not pre/post standalone and only activated
when the pedal is engaged.


As it’s pick sensitive, it allows flexible dynamic control either by
the playing style, again, roll it off nicely with the volume knob on
the guitar.

Another great feature that i need to add is that it plays well with
other effects thus eliminating any pedal board conflicts.


The Seventheaven powers up via a DC power jack for 9VDC, up to 18
VDC power. 2.1mm plug negative center.
This unit does not operate on batteries.

  1. Austin Woodward says:

    how do i purchase the seventheaven? is there a waiting list?

  2. Austin Milam says:

    I was wondering the same thing the other Austin was wondering… Austin… i must say you have great taste in pedals! and a cool name! haha! but yes… I NEED THIS PEDAL! ASAP! haha. thank you for creating such a beast! As soon as I am told how to order this, I will. Thank you! 🙂

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